Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea Treats!

I'm probably going to sound like all I do is eat by posting yet again about food, but it's just that I'm hungry at the moment. :P

Whether in America or in Japan, one thing I absolutely love to have as a snack is a warm cup of black tea with a little milk with some sort of baked good on the side. And while I was in Japan, thankfully I didn't have to settle for boring old cookies!

Pudding parfaits! Whenever I went to the store, I always checked for these (they tended to sell out of them a lot! Although I did tend to go to the store later in the day). This one was kind of a mix of a layer of pudding, a layer of cake, and strawberries in syrup, topped with whipped cream, a bit of cheesecake, and a little chocolate straw.

I haven't been able to find something exactly like this where I live, although I do live in the middle of nowhere. If I do see something similar at the store, they're much larger (maybe twice the size as this one).   Maybe I should try making my own...


  1. Suddenly I'm feeling very hungry and jealous. That parfait looks delicious, and I've always wanted to visit Japan as well sometime. Maybe someday.

  2. That does look delicious. I've always wanted to learn Japanese, have any advice on where to start?

  3. I feel like I'm gaining weight just by looking at the parfaits. I also appear to be salivating quite a lot. o,,,,,O

  4. @Auatarch

    Even just learning hiragana and katakana makes a really good starting point! This website spells out the basic stuff in an easy-to-learn order, I think : . Though when I started learning, I just read an old Japanese grammar book from the 50s that my library had ( was the only book they had on Japanese, haha), it was surprisingly a good resource to work with. :)