Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello! And welcome to my blog!

There isn't any one specific theme to my blog, other than the majority of the posts will probably be, in some way, related to Japan. I've been studying the language for over seven years now, and I can never resist talking about language-related things. Buuuut, seeing as that might end up being a tad esoteric and I want to appeal to as many people as I can, I'm hoping to post about a bunch of other things, such as literature, history, geography, music, television, food (!!) and pretty much anything there is when it comes to Japan (or perhaps of other counties as well, I love that kind of thing!). For the record, though, I'm a huge fan of Japanese variety shows and dramas, so forgive me if I drag so-and-so actor or actress into unrelated posts. ;) (I haven't really watched any anime series in years, though, so also forgive me for being out of touch on that sort of thing.)

Anyway, the title of this blog, "ikigomi" (意気込み) means "enthusiasm," so even if I don't blog about something Japan-related, let's hope it's at least enthusiastic!


  1. Oh~, I'm always rather interested in Japan and its culture. Think it's a beautiful country, and really want to go there sometime. Definetly following your blog!