Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nagoya Aquarium

I love wandering around aquariums, so I couldn't not go to the Nagoya Aquarium while I was in Japan!

Of course, I'm really bad with fish names in English, so even reading the name plates of all the different fish in Japanese didn't really help much. But the aquarium was really pretty, and there were so many different exhibits!

They also had jellyfish! They had special tanks for them so that they got kind of circulated around in their tanks. They also had a lot of turtles, and I happened to go by during their feeding time.

One other thing I saw was the dolphin show! It was really neat! Not much different than something you'd see at SeaWorld...but a lot cheaper, ticket-price-wise. ;)


  1. In the city where I live we have the Dolfinarium, which is sort of an amusement park involving all kinds of sea-creatures. They do shows with not only dolphins, but also sea lions and the likes! (so many memories, so much nostalgia)

  2. Dolphins kick so much ass brah!!

  3. Very nice pictures, hopefully one day I'll get to see this aquarium myself.